Peter Daisyme is the co-founder of Palo Alto, California-based Hostt, specializing in helping businesses with hosting their website for free, for life. Previously he was the co-founder of Pixloo, a company that helped people sell their homes online, that was acquired in 2012.

Consumers need businesses in order to purchase goods and services, a process that has and always will be the basis of society. But things are a little more complicated now than they were a century ago, and there’s high competition in the market. As a result, businesses must do more than just provide goods and […]

Knowing your demand is the answer to your supply question. Despite having some general ideas of seasonal shopping frenzies, it’s not always easy to gauge demand given the fickle nature of consumers for the other points in the year. Being swamped with too much inventory hits hard at your bottom line while not having enough means […]

No matter what business you do in this day and age – you should have a great computer setup if you want to be your most productive. Does great mean expensive? No. This article will examine how much you should spend in order to get the best value. This way you can be the most […]

While you have an army of nearly 54 million freelancers, according to our 2015 report, as a voice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that getting paid on time or at all has improved. According to a study conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Upwork, nearly 81% of freelancers have received late payments despite having completed their work within the […]

Many of us wish that we could be more productive throughout the day. I know that I’m always looking for ways to be more productive, whether it’s getting my morning started on the right foot or whether it’s making sure I work when I feel most productive. If you are trying to figure out how […]

As a small business there is one entity that you never want to cross paths with; the IRS. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’re not entitled to any tax deductions. In fact, there a number of tax deductions that you as a small business are eligible for if you meet the guidelines established by the […]

Working from home definitely has its perks. You can work in your pajamas, enjoy coffee in your own kitchen and set your own schedule just to name a few. Unfortunately, working from home also comes with some struggles.  At the top of the list is the need to set boundaries with family members who don’t […]

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