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online fraud tips

You may have already read about the latest data breach that resulted in 143 million Equifax records being compromised. As part of that data breach, names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, home addresses, and driver’s license information was taken.In seeing such a large number and knowing you have your own credit reports most likely with […]

Payment Gateway Platform

Make no mistake about it. We live in a world where the “the platform economy” isn’t just disruptive, it’s killing long-lasting and successful business models. Amazon shook up the retail industry, Napster and iTunes decimated the music industry, Uber and Airbnb are radically changing the transportation, hotel and travel industries. But, what exactly is the […]

reduce credit card processing fees and other costs

Every credit card processing fee adds up, especially when you multiple it by hundreds or even thousands of transactions per month. These fees include statement, gateway, and minimum fees. If you can reduce those fees. By eliminating them, the savings will soon add up and your profit margin will incrementally increase. Yes, you can reduce your credit card […]

Deal With Credit Card Processing Fees

Depending on the credit card processing company you choose to partner with for your online, in-store, and mobile payments, you will face a potential list of credit card processing fees that quickly eats away at your potential profits for accepting these credit cards. But, hey, your customers will demand that you take credit cards. As […]

Although very necessary to a business of any size, invoicing is not necessarily a top-of-mind activity mainly because it doesn’t involve making money even if it does facilitate getting money that’s already been made. Sending out invoices is a very important task and one that has improved in recent years thanks to the emergence of […]

Happy Kwanzaa Everyone

We’d like to wish our customers who celebrate Kwanzaa the very best for this year’s weeklong festivities. Focus on family, community, and culture. Remember to take the time out from your business to enjoy this special celebration. Celebrate with loved ones. Reflect on all the things you can be thankful for that you received  throughout the […]

Happy Hanukkah

We’d like to wish our customers who celebrate Hanukkah the very best for this year’s Festival of Lights.  Remember to take the time out from your business to enjoy this magical celebration. Make time for loved ones and reflect on what a tremendous year it’s been. It’s your community and customers that are the reason you are […]

With technology developments and new payment solutions, businesses are able to choose from a variety of methods to conduct transactions. The five main ways to receive and make B2B payments include checks, ACH transfers, credit cards, electronic funds transfers, and online payment platforms. While they all offer advantages, there are also disadvantages to each B2B payment methods […]

As a growing business, we’d like to think we could make our online invoicing and payment processing options available to everyone. However, since we provide business payment services as well as work with payment networks like Visa and Mastercard and banking partners all over the world, we are governed by a strict set of regulations and most […]

The Banking Disrupted conference in September in Silicon Valley brought together a large section of the fintech community, including startup founders, established executives, and thought leaders. Benzinga selected size of these fintech industry players as their people to know. Among them was Due’s Co-Founder and CEO John Rampton. Others on the list included Christopher Vincent […]

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