Monika is the Head of business development at Fried.com - a website dedicated to educate individuals on how to protect their online privacy through comprehensive guides and tutorials. She is passionate about online privacy, cyber security and maintaining a "free web" for the entire globe.

Managing a team in any business requires a specific set of skills that everybody just doesn’t have. To manage an awesome remote team you need those same special skills that you do in a brick and mortar business. You’ll need leadership qualities, you’ll need great people skills, work management skills, and motivational skills — to […]

security recommendations

Cyber security has become something of a buzzword in recent years. It refers to the security measures people and businesses take to protect their online assets and information from hackers and cyber criminals. It is very much a growth sector because as the knowledge, tools, and resources of the online bad guys have grown, so […]

security recommendations

As a business owner, you are probably increasingly aware of just how reliant you are on the internet for the successful running of your business. It’s a very powerful tool it does require some precaution. Online privacy is key for the successful running of your business as it will make sure that your valued information […]

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