Kara Perez is the founder of Bravely, a company that connects women and money. She freelances in the areas of personal finance and travel, and she eats peanut butter straight out of the jar.


Your mind is probably on holidays, family, and end of year planning right now. As the year wraps up there are a lot of things both personally and professionally that need to get done. For freelancers, contractors, and some small business owners, it’s also a good time to think about taxes. Taxes might not be […]

If you’ve had a business success you’re probably riding a high. And congrats, because you deserve it! A lot of hard work goes into creating the success, and you want to maintain it. Don’t think that a win is a one and done victory. One success can bring another, and building on business momentum is a […]

Social Media Desk

Many people have a love/hate relationship with social media, and I used to be among them. Social media is a complicated thing; it’s free promotion for businesses and a great way to connect with clients, customers and fans. It also fuels feelings of competition, inadequacy, and can be a time suck. For the moment though, […]

juggling time

I’ll admit it; I have lost business hours to well known time wasters. I’ve let my time on social media spiral, I’ve lost more than a lunch hour to Netflix, and I’ve slept through my alarm. Entrepreneurs are just as susceptible to wasting time as anyone else. The only difference is that it costs us […]

brand it

You’ve got a million dollar idea, or you’ve got a passion for something that burns deep in your soul. It’s so strong that you have to share it with the world; but wait. The world doesn’t seem as excited as you are. Your passion doesn’t always translate across every medium, and it can be surprisingly […]

The gig economy looks like it’s growing every day, and Millennials are starting businesses at a younger age than Baby Boomers did. Entrepreneurship is here to stay! When you’re building out your dream business there’s a lot to do and it can come with a lot of pressure. It’s your dream after all- you want […]

small business office

I think becoming rich is the new American dream. We’ve gone from wanting a home with a white picket fence to wanting a mansion with a private jet. It’s easier than ever to see everyone else’s wealth via tv and social media, and we want to be a part of that. I don’t think there’s […]

financial habits

Do you want some more time in your day? I do! Sometimes when I’m heading to bed my head is filled with all the things I still have to do tomorrow. Business owners never have a shortage of things to do. I’ve started saying no to more things so that I can say yes to […]

millennial working

How many times do you think you’ve seen or heard the word hustle in relation to work? Someone is always telling you to hustle harder, faster, stronger. You can make more money with a harder work ethic, but you can also make more money if you hustle smarter. I firmly believe that you don’t need […]

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