Everyone likes getting payed, that is one thing we can all agree on in the business world. Keeping track of payments and invoices can be a nightmare but staying on top of these things are key to your keeping your business alive. Getting set up with an online invoicing platform thats sole purpose is to […]

Freelancing is like a dance – and it’s imperative that you lead. Knowing where you are headed as a freelancer is of the utmost importance. An easy mantra for freelancers is that the client comes first. After all, if you want to get the most out of life, here’s the formula: Help others get what they […]

Ways to Save More Money

We all want to save more money. But, saving takes a lot of discipline to follow through with. Maybe that’s why so many of us decide to give-up on saving money before we even give it a chance. By following these twenty ways to save more money though, you’ll notice that not only is saving […]

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