The Impact of Interchange Fees On Your Small Business

Accepting credit or debit cards is almost a give-in for businesses of all-sizes these days. After all, they’re convenient, flexible, and can improve your bottom line since plastic is the most popular payment method. The thing is, there’s a lot to consider before you just start swiping away. At the top of the list should […]

11 Questions To Ask Before Selecting An Online Invoice Platform

Regardless if you’re a business owner or freelancer, accounting software that can handle tasks like invoicing is a necessity. After all, how else do you expect to be compensated for the goods and services that you’ve provided? But, with the seemingly endless amount of accounting software available, how can you narrow down these choices to […]

Despite the excitement and ongoing advancement in technology with mobile payments, wallets, international payment options and tighter security, there are still unique payment challenges with online payment platforms that will continue to impact businesses of all sizes around the world. I’ve been in the payments world for years and seen most of the challenges the […]


As long as money has existed within human society, there has been concern over the security surrounding transactions that involve it. The development of banks and credit cards meant that we no longer had to carry or store paper money, helping to increase the security we have felt about what we have worked so hard to […]

Next time you’re driving around take notice of the amount of family-run businesses in your neighborhood. And, when you have a couple of extra minutes, stop and think about how about the amount of successful family-owned businesses that there are globally. Even though I don’t have an exact figure, I can tell you that there’s […]

As a small business owner or freelancer, Im sure you love what you do. But I’m sure you can’t do it for free, and Cash is the lifeline of your business. Big companies have the luxury of having entire departments dedicated to accounting, unfortunately that isn’t the case for small businesses and freelancers. Not getting […]

If you’re not early you’re late. Punctuality is a characteristic that most people struggle to maintain in the work world. Especially if you’re a freelancer, your ability to complete tasks on time and meet deadlines is imperative for your business. The more reliable you are in meeting these deadlines, the more likely you’ll be hired […]

The term “business expense” is thrown around loosely these days. Flights, hotels, meals, and travel costs are all common business expenses that can be written off come tax day. With hundreds of purchases happening every month, it gets difficult to keep track of all these expenses. If you’re a freelancer, it’s even more difficult to keep […]

The freelance business is a tricky one. When you are working for yourself, you don’t have the corporate infrastructure to handle all the formalities, namely getting paid. If you aren’t set to a recurring billing cycle, its always a little awkward asking for your payment. On the contrary, clients usually aren’t rushing to pay their […]

Social media is all about connecting with people and sharing experiences. Every online profile you make shapes your online persona. Hopefully, for many millennials job recruiters and other professionals don’t scout you based on your Instagram account. They will typically look at your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is considered the social network for professionals. While it is […]

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