Liz is a writer for hire, specializing in personal finance, entrepreneurship, and legal issues. She shares her own journey to debt freedom and helps graduates dealing with above average student loan debt on her site, Less Debt More Wine. She currently resides in NC after calling Massachusetts home for nearly a decade.

Reserve Fund

One of the upsides of working a “regular 9-5” is the paid time off (PTO) you accumulate. When freelancer’s make the jump to full-time self-employment, they sometimes forget to factor in saving money to take time off. Everyone Needs Time Off No matter how much you love your work, eventually everyone needs time off and […]

Don't Waste Time

At some point, everyone has experienced a ton of back and forth email. Those emails could easily have been avoided with better communication. Sometimes that communication comes in the form of a phone call or cloud-based technology. Other times it’s in the shape of a slightly longer but more complete email. The problem is that […]

building a successful business

I find that to startup building a successful business, you must provide value. “Providing value” may sound vague until you realize they do this by filling a gap.  Their doing so makes life easier, solves a problem, or provides a service for their customers. People will pay for convenience; it doesn’t always matter if what you are selling […]

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