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Freelancers are becoming a large part of the national economy. These entrepreneurs are adding to the GDP (which helps us all) and their efforts and mindset are helping many talented individuals to become masters of their own destiny and to carve out a satisfying, lucrative career. To help create an understanding about freelancing, and what […]

If you’re like most Millennials, you’re tired of the old school brick-and-mortar mega bank. Instead, you want to do most of your banking online or on your phone. But, that’s not all. You want a bank to offer financial advice and provide real-time financial information. That may sound like a tall-order to fill, but that’s not […]

There’s no denying that digital wallets are currently one of the hottest payment trends, and the Millennials are making them even hotter. Even though just 32 percent of mobile users have used a digital wallet, a whooping 78 percent of consumers are aware of mobile wallets. As digital wallets become more secure and faster we […]

Who wouldn’t want to become a millionaire? Deep down inside we all have that aspiration. But, most of us give up on that dream because we don’t think that it’s attainable. But, what if I told you that it’s not only possible, you can actually save your way to become a millionaire by the time […]

Invoices, also known as a “bill,” “statement,” or “sales invoice,” are an essential part of your business. Without these documents, businesses of all-sizes wouldn’t be able to get paid for their goods or services, which means that they can’t pay their expenses or grow their business. Invoicing also allows to track and manage your monthly […]

Like many of us, I was told growing up that the ultimate plan was to purchase a home and settle-down. I even remember being told that buying a home was a solid investment because there is only so much land to be bought. And, for years, I was sold on the belief that buying a […]

One of the biggest financial realities that you’ll have to face when becoming a freelancer is having to locate and pay for your own health insurance. Not only does having health insurance benefit your overall health since you can address any medical concerns before they become serious, it’s also required under the Affordable Care Act. […]

Whether you are a content writer, designer, or developer, if you have joined the freelance economy and are enjoying the flexibility and steady work low, there are some other differences between freelancing and that 9-to-5 job that need your careful attention. The biggest area to ensure you get right involves taxes. After all, you don’t […]

One of the buzzwords that seems to be everywhere in business these days is “mastermind.” The truth is that there are a number of benefits associated with joining a mastermind group. However, in order to truly realize the benefits, you need to organize your group in a way that allows you to reap the benefits. […]

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