Caroline Beaton writes on the psychology of millennials at work. With equal parts statistics and story, she helps twenty-somethings stop wasting time, figure out their purpose and create a livelihood around the life they want. She writes for Forbes, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and her blog, The Gen Y Mind, where she covers early career crafting, self-development and young entrepreneurship. She also provides high-end consulting and content marketing services for brands seeking to connect with millennials. To receive her latest articles, sign up for her weekly newsletter.

Since the oldest millennials were only 16, articles deriding the fragility, self-centeredness, incompetence and poor work ethic of Generation Y have abounded. Many use anecdotal evidence to make sweeping but unsubstantiated generalizations. Some of these claims are (unfortunately) verified. Cross-generational studies repeatedly show that millennials are more assertive, confident, expectant and narcissistic than any other […]

Self-employment is a victory for people who value setting their own priorities and schedules. But it’s not without shortcomings. Drawbacks include lack of paid vacation or benefits, tax season nightmares, confusing or fickle clients, inconsistent work and many others. Until we address these setbacks, we’ll tread water and cut profits. This article describes my own […]

If you’re busy like me and the rest of the world, right now you’re thinking, I don’t even have time for my clients… How will I possibly have time to listen to hour-long podcasts? I get it. But the most successful freelancers know two things: There’s 1440 minutes in a day. How to capitalize on […]

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