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Caroline Beaton writes on the psychology of millennials at work. With equal parts statistics and story, she helps twenty-somethings stop wasting time, figure out their purpose and create a livelihood around the life they want. She writes for Forbes, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and her blog, The Gen Y Mind, where she covers early career crafting, self-development and young entrepreneurship. She also provides high-end consulting and content marketing services for brands seeking to connect with millennials.
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How to Track Your Income and Expenses as a Freelancer When You’re Not a Math Person and Never Will Be

This tax season, I got a wake up call. It was from the IRS. I quickly looked at my income and expenses. They said, “Please report your income,” or something horrifying like that. I had multiple sources of income—from my day job, freelancing clients, the stock market. And here’s what I (very ...