5 Ideas to Help You Stop Procrastinating

Updated on January 17th, 2022

There are times I find myself procrastinating. I almost always regret it.

Procrastination can slow you down. Additionally, you might feel worse when you procrastinate, stuck without enough to accomplish anything, and no time to do what really matters.

If you are looking for a little motivation for your life and business and hoping to stop procrastinating, here are five ideas that can help you move forward:

1. Understand Yourself

The first step when you want to stop procrastinating is to understand yourself. Why do you procrastinate? Is it a personality issue? Or are you avoiding something because it’s unpleasant? In some cases, you might be procrastinating because deep down you know the task isn’t really helpful to your business or to helping you improve your life.

Pinpoint the reasons behind your procrastination, and you’ll be better equipped to tackle the problem.

2. Be Accountable

One way to overcome procrastination is to be accountable for the outcome. If you know that you will have to answer to someone, you are more likely to stop procrastinating and move forward. Make a declaration. When I’m struggling with writing an open-ended project, I create a deadline and share it with my client so that I am accountable. This helps me stop procrastinating. You can find an accountability partner to help you stay on task.

3. Plan Ahead

I’ve found that when I look at my schedule and see what’s coming up, I am less likely to procrastinate. Plan ahead. Know which tasks need to be accomplished next. When you have a clear flow of events, it’s easier to stop procrastinating because it’s part of your day. I schedule in times for specific projects that I know I want to complete and that allows me to devote time to them.

4. Reduce Distractions

If you are looking for any excuse to procrastinate, it might be time to reduce distractions in your life. There are numerous tools that can help you track your time, and prevent you from going to your mainstays of procrastination. You can use apps like Focus, Rescue Time, and SelfControl to help you stop procrastinating. These tools will actually stop you from accessing Facebook and other time wasters so that you can remain focused.

5. Surround Yourself with Good People

It’s easier to stay on track when you are surrounded with like-minded people who have similar goals. Hang out with people who encourage you to be your best self and reach your goals. If you are always hanging out with procrastinators who encourage you to put off work or who disparage your efforts at building a business, you will get worn down and it will be harder to stop procrastinating. Look for people who are working toward the same things and help you exist in an environment of positivity.

Procrastination can take its toll over time. You don’t want it to weigh on you and result in an unfulfilling life. Take charge and work to stop procrastinating, and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit

I'm Miranda and I'm a freelance financial journalist and money expert. My specialties are investing, small business/entrepreneurship and personal finance. The journey to business success and financial freedom is best undertaken with fellow travelers.

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