4 Must-Have Items for Business Travelers

Items for Business Travel

Whether you freelance or work for a huge company, chances are you travel for business. Odds are you think you know what the best items for business travelers are as well. If you don’t have these four, then you don’t.  And if you don’t travel currently – you will – pending you become successful of course. Which you likely will – which is why you should keep reading.

Every single day, there are over 1.3 million American business travelers out on the road somewhere. Being away from work and home can be challenging, frustrating, and uncomfortable. Here are four must have items for business travelers to make life away from home a little bit easier and a whole lot better.

Carry it on. You can save time and hassle traveling on business by leaving your luggage at home and investing in a good carry on bag. Ditching the luggage will save you time at check-in and arrival, and will eliminate the hassle of dealing with a lost bag. It will also save you money spent checking in a bag too. While there is a wide range of prices, options, and quality for these bags, the key thing to look for in a good carry-on is its wheels. Get a bag that has heavy duty, durable wheels, since you’ll likely put some serious miles on them. Bags like the Züca Pro can help you stay mobile on your trip, and even double as a seat. On the more economical end, the durable Traveler’s Choice Rome is a tough case that will get the job done, too.

Stay Powered Up. When you’re on the road, you rely on your phone and laptop to keep you connected and stay productive. There is nothing worse than running out of battery life in the middle of an important phone call, or as you’re putting the finishing touches on a PowerPoint presentation. Carry an external battery pack with you, and you’ll never have to stress about finding an outlet before your device dies. External battery packs have come a long way in the past few years, and travelers have many options. If you want a universal, heavy-duty external battery to keep all your devices running, the Energizer XP18000 is a great choice. It can provide an additional five hours of staying power to a standard laptop. If you’re searching for a smaller device, the Omaker Intelligent Charger is a handy external battery. This device can rapidly provide one full charge to a mobile phone, and features a built in flashlight as well.

Shut out the Noise. Escape the noise and distractions in the airport, on the plane, in your hotel, or even on the street with a great set of noise cancelling headphones. Noise cancelling headphones are perfect if you want to avoid distractions and relax with music, movies, or maybe a great audiobook. Many of these devices double as phone headsets, too, so you can focus on that conference call If you want to go wireless, the Bose QuietComfort 35 is a great Bluetooth headphone set. A more competitively priced wired set to check out is the Monoprice Hi-Fi Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Your Phone is Your Wallet, Phone, Life. If your phone isn’t an absolutely essential piece of gear on your business trip, you’re probably not doing it right. Put your phone to work on every business trip you take. Download a great GPS app, like Waze, so you don’t have to rent one every time you get to your travel destination. Become adept at using Google Maps to get around on foot. Get a good app to organize all of your plane and train tickets, and go paperless. You can download other apps to manage your business receipts, too. Finally, you should also make hi-resolution pictures of all your critical documents – passport, credit cards, and driver’s license – and store them on your phone. This is a lifesaver if something happens to the originals.

Final Thoughts

Doing your job on the road is tough enough. Packing the right items for the trip can ease your burden and help make business traveling more productive and more comfortable. So stock up on these items as soon as you can, and get ready for your next trip. Or even – get ready for your next family vacation. Because as successful people know, it’s often important to mix leisure travel with business travel.