Don’t let putting in long hours turn you into a stiff-necked, hunch-backed Neanderthal. When your body feels flexible and fit, your mind is sharper and you can be much more effective. Try these workouts at your desk and enjoy a healthier, far more productive workday.

Denise Austin’s Total Body Toning Office Workout

Want to maximize your circulation and engage your core? You know you can always count on Denise Austin, ultra-fit guru of workout videos. Here, she gives you a total body workout you can do without ever leaving your desk.

“The Office Workout,” Military-Style

If there’s anyone who knows about putting in the long hours, it’s our men and women in uniform.’s “The Office Workout” starts with five key stretches and then moves on to squats, shoulder shrugs, dumbbell curls, bench dips, and assisted push-ups. They suggest starting with a five-minute walk around your office (or home office!) to get a drink, use the bathroom, and stretch your legs. Then take just ten minutes and you’ll be feeling all ready to report for duty (even if you’re just reporting to yourself).

Karena Thek’s “Healthy Your Way to Sexy: Pilates Better Butt Desk Workout”

We know, you can’t say “butt” at work. But you can quietly work on yours with these easy moves from Karena Thek. (Don’t) get off your butt!

“Sitting Arms Series” from Lauren Hefez

Want FLOTUS arms? You’re going to have to put in the work. If you think you’re too busy, just start with Lauren Hefez and her fantastic “Sitting Arms Series” and you’ll wish it were tank top season already.

Time Magazine’s “Deskercises You Can Do at Work”

Don’t let time spent sitting at your desk take a toll on your health – prolonged sitting can even increase your risk for cancer! Paper pushups, shoulder blade squeezes, office yoga, chair squats, triceps desk dips, wall sits, standing calf raises, leg raises, and “phone pacing” (putting on a headset and walking around while you’re taking a call) are Time’s easy suggestions, complete with illustrations and amusing quips. You don’t have to do them all – just fit in the ones that work for you.

“Ab Workouts You Can Do At Your Desk” from Sparkpeople

Here’s one video that won’t turn you into a couch potato – Sparkpeople has some great suggestions for ab workouts that won’t get too many funny looks from passing co-workers. For those of us who find it difficult to look at a diagram and then copy a workout move, watching someone else do it first can be super helpful. Washboard abs at work? Never been easier.

“How to Sneak in a Workout at Your Desk” with Dolvett Quince and Thrive Market

Even if you only have a few minutes, you’ve got time for this quick desk workout. Dolvett Quince looks like a guy you can really trust when it comes to getting fit, and MAN do those wrist rolls look like a good idea! Sneak it in, my people, sneak it in.

“Exercises for Shoulder Tension from Computer Work” from Upright Health

Get rid of that tight, achy feeling in your shoulders from staring at the computer all day with this easy series of moves to relax and straighten up. Trying to keep going while you’re in pain will just slow you down, so no excuses! Make time to get feeling loose and ready to produce.

“Intense Exercises to Do at Your Desk” from Brett Cap

Are you basically the Chuck Norris of desk exercises? This one’s for you. Brett Cap is super funny, and he’s got some great ideas for how to really make those few minutes on your break count for something. These might get some side eye from anyone who happens to glance in, but you’re going to get fit, so who cares? Just a note though – maybe don’t do it shirtless like Brett if you’re in a shared workspace. That probably violates the dress code at the very least.

“Chair Yoga” from Be the Change Yoga

Namaste, workers of the world. Don’t even get up – you can do these simple yoga moves while remaining in a seated position. None of the standing, all of the om.


William Lipovsky owns the personal finance website First Quarter Finance. His most embarrassing moment was telling a Microsoft executive, "I'll just Google it."

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