Online Invoicing Tools for Researchers

If you have discovered that you are a data nut, including looking at testing theories and identifying patterns, then a career as a researcher is for you. Beyond just having those critical thinking and analytical skills, you need to be able to look, do, and handle all aspects of the position or industry you are […]

“No wealth can ever make a bad man at peace with himself.” -Plato  I hate to bring my good friend Ebenezer Scrooge back into the mix, but here goes. In the Beginning of A Christmas Carol, everyone would agree that Scrooge wasn’t exactly the nicest person in the world. Though he wasn’t really a bad […]

Being free of debt has to be one of the best feelings because you don’t have payments hanging over your head. You are no longer looking at a paycheck as a payment source. Instead, you can think about saving up or buying something. Your outlook about work even changes because you may even try something […]

“My formula for success is rise early, work late and strike oil.” -J. Paul Getty I remember watching Beverley Hillbillies as a kid, and one of my fondest memories of the show was the theme song where it goes “oil that is, black gold, Texas tea”. The main character was an overly poor average man […]

According to a 2012 Wall Street Journal survey, 64% of small businesses had unpaid invoices that were more than 60 days old while 20% said the problem was getting worse. I get asked all the time what helps a company get paid. For this reason I have looked at and analyzed over 250,000 invoices. I’ve found that […]

“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we shall be poor indeed.” -Edmund Burke I think we’ve all had at least one time in our lives where wealth has ruled us. Paying interest on the credit card can be an unfortunate side effect of the seemingly never […]

If you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, or small business owner doing everything yourself, then you already how busy you are with everything from payroll to filing taxes. That means that you should neglect the latest accounting news and advice from seasoned professionals. But, where do you find the time to discover these amazing resources? How about […]

The insurance industry is currently in the midst of a transformation in terms of changing claims management models, the introduction of more outsourced positions, and the need to reduce paper-intensive processes. Insurance Industry Challenges & Opportunities In listing the key issues for the insurance industry in 2015, PricewaterhouseCoopers noted that there are many challenges to […]

“Wealth is like sea water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become; and the same is true of fame.” -Arthur Schopenhauer   Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink, such could be said of the sea when you see nothing but a vast array of water, but all of it is undrinkable. […]

One of the buzzwords that has been floating around in business lately — especially in entrepreneurship circles — is “mastermind group.” Before you dismiss the idea of getting together with a bunch of other entrepreneurs, consider how you can benefit from a mastermind group. 1. Outside Perspective Often, we are too close to our situation […]

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